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BlockButler 100 Black

BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
BlockButler 100 Black
€ 144.00
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  • Model: BlockB100.BLACK_85
  • Weight: 1.25kg
  • Dimensions: 260.00mm x 240.00mm x 10.00mm
  • SKU: BlockB100.BLACK_85



The original patented Cad-Cam dedicated block storage system.

Having been a Cerec user and trainer in Galway Ireland since 2001, the current systems of storing an ever increasing range of variations of size, shade, translucency, tri-colour options, abutment blocks, materials and all from different manufacturers had always been an increasing logistical exercise of stock control.

The BlockButler is made of medical grade silicon and has 10 columns and 10 rows. Each hole has a nipple inside that grips the groove on the Cad cam block chuck so it is easy to insert and remove but retained on insertion.

Ensuring that sufficient of the correct type of block was available to complete the task in hand was a real challenge to dentist, to staff and to management.

These medical grade silicon boards are made to last. We will guarantee them for a lifetime.

BlockButler may be wall mounted, or stored in standard drawers, allowing the dentist and assistant to select the chosen blocks, to stock control efficiently and effectively and reorder and replenish the missing blocks with ease.

Visibility of Stock

It is easy to visually assess how many of which size and colour you have remaining, facilitating re-ordering.

Currently the closed box systems do not allow open visualisation of remaining shades and sizes.- the Blockbutler allows both at a glance.


The wall mounted option allows for a fascinating visual display of the "raw" material of the patients new restoration.

Using a "18" grey background gives the ideal nuerological visual perception contrast for assessing the correct colour.

In quantity they can also be made to order in any colour.

Multiple boards

Different manufacturing company range can be kept separate on each board.

Build a modular storage range to suit your own needs

Colour range

Compare and contrast the full range of colour options you have.

You can arrange the block layouts, customising the labelling with cd marker pen or labels to your own requirements to allow comparison between neighbouring shades in high and low.

Patient Interaction.

Let your patients be involved with the choosing of the shade.

Wall mount your Boards as the patient enters the surgery.

First question they always ask is "What are those for?"


260 x240 x10mm


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