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LaminateButler Base and Ld

LaminateButler Base and Ld
€ 80.00
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  • Model: LaminateButler Base and Ld
  • Weight: 0.17kg
  • Dimensions: 220.00mm x 160.00mm x 45.00mm
  • SKU: LaminBBlack.L



Faced with procedures that require multiple components for procedures such as implant placement or multiple veneers, crown and bridge, one of the challenges is to keep all components in the correct order and know which is which for chair side delivery.

The LaminateButler gives the dentist the option for the first time to lay out restorative components in order on a sterile autoclavable silicone palette that can be prepared, loaded and sterilised if required, prior to the patients appointment.

The LaminateButler and contents can also be protected by the autoclavable polymer lid to prevent contamination by aerosol effect.

Veneers, Crowns, Bridges

The LaminateButler will allow the dental assistant to keep all the components organised during bonding procedures on a sterile pallate.

With the arch towards the dentist this reflects the shape of the upper arch - the individual annotated elliptical concavities relate to the arch of the teeth, to increase confidence in placement of the right restoration on the right tooth.

Dental Implants

Multiple components of screws, abutments and crowns have to be kept in order when preparing for delivery to the patient.

The LaminateButler will allow the dentist to organise all the sterilised components returned from the lab ( pre-sterilise if required ) and present them to the dentist chairside and keep the screws sulcus formers abutments and crowns in order

In sterile green surgical field this provides a simple sterile way to improve efficiency and organisation.

Stain and Glaze Pallet

With the ideal black contrast of the LaminateButler you can lay out your chosen shades and glaze in the smooth walled concavities. The concavities are large enough to allow a gradient of concentration of the intensity of the chosen colour to provide varied intensities within the one concavity.

Mixing pad

The smooth surface reverse side of the LaminateButler can be used as a mixing pad for many dental materials .


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