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06 Oct BlockButler 100 - Special Offer Oct 2020
paul 0 794
BlockButler 100 Special Offer Oct 2020 Order your Cerec block holder from Steiriliu this October and save. The BlockButler ca..
05 Oct EndoButler - A new concept in endodontic file managment and presentation
paul 0 36
EndoButlerA new concept in chair-side endodontic file management and presentation.Now available for worldwide delivery from S..
05 Oct LaminateButler to organise crown delivery and for stain and glaze palate
0 138
How to Fit, Stain and Glaze Anterior Crowns with the LaminateButler..
04 Oct Organise and process your dental burs effectively, efficiently and safely.
paul 1 223
Organise and process your dental burs effectively, efficiently and safely with the BurButler.

Dental Bur Compliance: BREAK T..
30 Sep Break the Chain of Infection
0 202
Break The Chain with the BurButlerThe importance has never been greater to “Break the Chain” of infection. The more effective..
05 Sep Inlay Bur Set
paul 1 137
Inlay Bur Procedure KitEveryone has their preferences for burs for different procedures and even though you might only normal..
09 Aug BurButler for Nail Drills
paul 0 51
BurButler for Nail DrillsThe BurButler is ideal for the beauty salons for the safe storage and sterilisation of the drill bit..
23 Jul AutoClaves and Ultraviolet Boxes in the Beauty Salon.
0 48
AutoClaves and Ultraviolet Boxes in the Beauty Salon.Boston Public Health Commission.On October 17, 2013, regulations on the ..
23 Jul Food for Thought after Covid
paul 0 48
Steiriliu Ltd  Email support@steiriliu.comSimple, Stylish, Sterile and SafeFor make-up brushes, scissors, t..
23 Jul BurButler -The concept of the design.
0 1057
The BurButler DesignThis little product went to market. The process of design to production, by Hazel Hendy MBA & Dr Paul Moo..
13 Jul Covid 19  and the Beauty Industry
paul 0 196
The need for and the degree of sterility in any health care facility is up for review, every aspect.The Covid19 pandemic has..
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