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30 Apr SFA (Small Firms Association) National Business Awards  for Innovation 2021
paul 0 287
Today we are excited to be in the finals of the Irish SFA Awards ( Small Firms Association ), for Innovation.How did DentalOr..
14 Apr What is a crown?
paul 0 67
One of the most common questions we get at the dental practice is: “What is a crown”This is difficult to answer. Its a bit li..
12 Apr Magnetic Burstand Medical Alert
paul 0 179
Magnetic Burstands Medical AlertIn a recent medical alert the concern about magnetic bur blocks magnetising dental burs was h..
27 Mar Whiter Brighter Lighter Smile
paul 0 76
Whiter Brighter Lighter SmileEveryone loves a happy smile. It is however important to remember a happy smile is a healthy smi..
07 Mar Why do Dentists take x-rays
paul 0 94
Why do dentists take x rays... We will discuss the different types of x rays , the reasons why we use them them and why they ..
04 Mar BurButler Management System .Organise your dental bur stock with the 60 Hole BurButler
0 161
Currently, if you store your burs in their commercial packaging ( often in packets of 5 or 6 ):         It can be difficult t..
01 Mar Word of Mouth :Tourist Dentistry
paul 0 35
Tourist DentistryDon’t confuse a holiday with dental treatment. My definition is tourist dentistry is seeking dental care fro..
23 Feb Word of Mouth - Questions and Answers
paul 0 240
Galway Bay FM – Dr Paul Moore DBS “Word of Mouth”In this blog we will try and answer some of the questions that you, the list..
22 Feb Restorative Procedure Kits  Using BurButler and SS White Burs  by Steiriliu
paul 0 281
Restorative Procedure KitsUsing BurButler and SS White Bursby Steiriliu This concept will allow you to set up procedure kist ..
05 Feb Word of Mouth 2 . Sensitive Teeth
paul 0 197
Sensitivity comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes and is a broad word often used to tell us “Something Hurts!Broadly speakin..
01 Feb Independent review of BurButler and LaminateButler by Dr Micheal Frazis  Semaphore Dental Adelaide
paul 0 78
Independent review of BurButler and LaminateButler by Dr Micheal Frazis  Semaphore Dental AdelaideIndependent review of BurBu..
27 Jan WORD OF MOUTH   Tips and Tricks for the patient.
2 419
Every fortnight Paul Moore will be chatting on Galway Bay FM with Ronan at 2.30 ( dentist's time) on Monday afternoon.ACIDIC ..
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