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Simple organisational steps to increase dental practice productivity  by being organised, saving time and supporting the needs of the dentist and the assistant.

Go2 BurButler- time saving solution

dental kits "Go2 Burbutler"

Designed by a dentist for Dentists- Dr Paul Moore, With 45 years of experience.The BurButler was designed to allow the dentist to arrange the procedure:

We have designed four sets to suit your needs.


We have designed four different kits to work for the dentist and assistant.

Go2Burbutler Go2 BurButler Comprehensive 21 ( Go2.BBDW.25.RL )
Go2 BurButler restorative 10 Bur Kit (Go2.BBAO.10.RL)
Go2 BurButler Restorative 5 Bur kit ( Go2.BBSB.RL)
Go2 BurbutlerGo2 BurButler     Crown & Bridge 10 Bur kit (Go2.BBDW.10.RL)

A dentist designed Go2 BurButler for Dentists, Dr. Paul Moore, with more than 45 years of experience. 

Did you ever have the problem of being unable to find a bur, or all the burs mixed up for every procedure?  This solution makes our Bur Management control system, saving time and preventing.

BurButler is a sleek and stylish bur block holder that provides long-lasting and durable protection for your dental burs.- We have designed four sets to suit your needs.

They are easy to manage, and all burs can be replaced in packs of 10.

Keeping a dental practice efficient & organised is an ongoing struggle for dentists worldwide. With an ever-growing number of dental burs to store and organise, it takes careful planning and categorising to ensure they are available and on hand when needed.

Benefits of the BurButler

A Safer Dental Practice

Knowing your burs are stored in a durable and sterile bur block holder gives you peace of mind that your patients and staff are better protected.

Efficient Organisation

Easy to identify, access and use, means you can focus on the most important part of your procedures and not worry about the small stuff.

Investing in the BurButler means that you save money over time by not having to replace cheap bur caddies over and over. The BurButler has been tried and tested worldwide, and its high-quality design and production means it keeps providing value for years.

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