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Deep 3D Autoclave Pouch 75mmx100m

Deep 3D Autoclave Pouch 75mmx100m
Deep 3D Autoclave Pouch 75mmx100m
€ 22.00
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: DAP3D Pouch.75x100
  • Weight: 1.25kg
  • Dimensions: 220.00mm x 220.00mm x 100.00mm
  • SKU: DAP3D Pouch.75x100


Prior to autoclaving, all instruments should be cleaned to remove visible debris manually or with the aid of an ultrasonic bath which "vibrates" debris from the items. This is the same technology that is used for cleaning jewellery!

The cleaned item can now be sealed in an autoclave pouch to fit your instruments, made of a specialised "steam porous" paper on the bottom side (eg. made of "Tyvek") and a clear plastic on the topside so you can see the content.

Most autoclave pouches are flat. Our recommended autoclave pouches have a third dimension - they expand to the height of your item! Available on a roll they can be dispensed with ease.

Once processed the colour indicator integrated into the autoclave bag will change colour to confirm sterilisation is complete.

Once sterilised this bag can be stored to protect the contents from contamination and opened when required.

In this way you can sterilise individual items or "sets" of items. These can be stored until required and opened for each client for single use.


  • Gusset rolls for sterilisation
  • by autoclave Made with coated film PET 12/PP 40 blue and 60 g medical white paper
  • Ideal for sterilisation of objects with big volume


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