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Simple organisational steps to increase dental practice productivity  by being organised, saving time and supporting the needs of the dentist and the assistant.

25 Hole BurButler Base and Tall Lid. Jet Black

25 Hole BurButler Base and Tall Lid. Jet Black
25 Hole BurButler Base and Tall Lid. Jet Black
25 Hole BurButler Base and Tall Lid. Jet Black
25 Hole BurButler Base and Tall Lid. Jet Black
25 Hole BurButler Base and Tall Lid. Jet Black
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  • Model: CBurBJB.25BL TP_81
  • Weight: 0.14kg
  • Dimensions: 75.00mm x 75.00mm x 77.00mm
  • SKU: CBurBJB.25BL TP_81


The Bur Butler , "dental Bur stand"  or bur holder gives one the benefit of organising, sterilising, accessing and caring for your most important chosen tools with confidence, with efficiency and with safety. It is not  just a "bur block" but a organisation solution. Cross infection control, one bur stand should be used for each patient to "break the chain" of infection in the dental clinic. The innovative BurButler is more than a bur stand, but a system to make organising the burs, both chair-side and in the clinic better and easy, making a system that is lean. The burs go from chair-side to cleaning room , ultrasonic or washer-disinfector, pouched, autoclaved and back to chair-side. This is recommended for both one-use burs  or burs to be cleaned and reprocessed for reused. This organisation of the burs saves time and making a system for organising the system.

BurButler Silicone Base

  • The unique hole design will allow any bur drill bit to fit and grip any hole.
  • You can mix and match your procedure burs, latch grip or friction to suit your needs.
  • Select 5, 10 or 25 hole base.
  • Choose a different colour for each dentist surgery or procedure.
  • Jet black, amethyst purple, amber orange, sapphire blue, ruby pink or diamond white.
  • No replacement of "perished" bungs.
  • No moving parts to collect bacteria or debris
  • Please note the burs do not have to be jammed in too tightly. The force you push them in with is the force you pull them out with.

Autoclavable Lids

  • Tested to over 1000 sterilisation cycles.
  • The lid can be placed or removed one handed by the dentist with a unique "soft touch".
  • The closed lid will give protection against contamination but protect against Aerosol
  • Internal vertical ridges grip the base and create space between base and lid to allow steam penetration.
  • Transparent to be able to see contents

Standard lids. Tall lids.

  • Low lids for the 5, 10, 25 hole bases
  • Tall lid for laboratory and surgical burs.
  • The transparent lids are made of a high grade medical polymer for strength and integrity.

Set up your burs the way YOU wish.

  • Every dentist has their own preference for the burs they need.
  • Organise the layout of your all the burs you may need for a specific procedure or dentist.
  • After use, the burs can be sterilised and your colour coded BurButler can be returned to the same dentist in the same order.


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