The LaminateButler

Organise your restorative components, veneers, crowns, inlays for bonding and delivery on a sterilised, annotated palate. 

This is also so applicable for working with implant restorations:

1. Components  that can be placed in the LaminateButler on return from the laboratory and autoclaved prior to the patient appointment.

2. The healing caps can be removed, placed in the correct "well"  to identify which belongs where if you need to refit them.

3. The screws and abutments are all in order and relate to the arch shape being restored for easy identification.

4 The crowns / bridges can all be kept in order for Bonding or Placement .

Use a second LaminateButler for stain and glaze.

This can be covered to prevent drying out of your palate by placement of the lid or sitting the second LaminateButler on-top of the first .

How to Fit, Stain and Glaze Anterior Crowns with the LaminateButler