3D “DEEP” Autoclave Pouches

Autoclave pouches are used to wrap instruments and items that are to be sterilised in an autoclave and stored for later use.  

The bottom surface is made of medical grade paper allowing steam penetration in the autoclave and maintains sterility of the processed item after sterilisation

The upper surface is a clear plastic to allow visualisation of the contents . 

Most often available as two dimensional flat profile pouches, the option of the 3D “Deep” Autoclave Pouches allows larger, or bulkier items to be pouched with a smaller diameter bag. This allows easier packaging in the autoclave.


Our 3D “DEEP” Pouches are available in rolls of 100m and with a heat sealer such as the Melag 100+ the appropriate length of the roll can easily be cut and sealed at one end, the instruments inserted. The open end is then sealed and the pouch can be autoclaved and then stored. 

The instrument pack can then be opened for the procedure when required.

3D “DEEP” Autoclave Pouches 

Available in: 100 m Rolls 

75mm wide, 100mm wide 150mm wide