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Go2 Burbutler Comprehensive 21 bur kit

Go2 Burbutler Comprehensive 21 bur kit
Go2 Burbutler Comprehensive 21 bur kit
€ 122.00
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  • Model: Go2.BBDW.25RL
  • Weight: 0.08kg
  • Dimensions: 75.00mm x 75.00mm x 40.00mm
  • SKU: Go2.BBDW.25RL
  • UPC: Go2.BBDW.25R


Go2 Burbutler Comprehensive 21 bur kit

Replace burs BUY HERE

  1. Round Carbide x 10 .RA.8  Pack of 10
  2. Round Carbide 10.RA.4  Pack of 10
  3. Round ( diamond ) 10.801.012M Replacement pack ( x10 ) Pack of 10 burs
  4. Flat End Cylinder Short ( Medium Diamond ) 10.837.014M Pack of 10 burs
  5. Flat End Cylinder Short D1.4 (Diamond Medium) 10.837.014M Pack of 10 burs
  6. Flat End Cylinder Long D1.2 (Diamond Medium) 10.837.012M Pack of 10 burs
  7. Wheel FG D4.0 Diamond 10.090.042M Pack of 10 burs
  8. Round End Cylinder Long (Diamond Medium) 10.881.014M Pack of 10 burs
  9. Football D1.8 (Diamond Medium) 10.379.023M Pack of 10 burs
  10. Football D1.8 (Diamond Fine) 10.379.023F  Pack of 10 burs
  11. Bur Round End Cylinder Long (Diamond Medium) 10.881.014M Replace pack ( x10 )
  12. Bur Round End Cylinder Long (Diamond Medium) 10.881.014M Replace pack ( x10 )
  13. Bur Round End Tapered Cylinder (Diamond Ex-Fine) 10.850.012E Replace pack (x10)
  14. Bur Beveled End Cylinder ( Diamond Medium) 10.878.012.M Replace pack (x10)
  15. Bur Beveled End Cylinder (Diamond Medium) 878 014M Replace pack ( x10 )
  16. Bur Beveled Cylinder Fine, D1.4. ( 10.878-014.F) FINE - Replace pack of ( x10 )
  17. Veneer Dept Marker D1.2 (Medium diamond) 10.881-012.M Replace pack (x10)
  18. Bur Football D1.8 (Diamond Medium) 10.379.023M Replace pack (x10)
  19. Bur Football D1.8 (Diamond Fine) 10.379.023F Replace pack (x10)
  20. Bur Wheel FG D4.0 Diamond Replace pack of ( x10 )
  21. Veneer Dept Marker D1.6 (Medium diamond) 10.881-016.M Replace pack (x10)
  22. Replacement lid- 

Fully autoclavable BurButler silicon base to hold your burs securely through the autoclave and sterilisation process. BurButler autoclavable base and lid- "dental Bur stand" gives you the benefit of organising, sterilising, accessing and caring for your most important chosen tools with confidence, efficiency and safety.

BurButler Silicone Base

  • The unique hole design will allow any bur drill bit to fit and grip any hole.
  • No replacement of “perished” bungs.
  • No moving parts to collect bacteria or debris
  • Please note the burs do not have to be jammed in too tightly. The force you push them in with is the force you pull them out with.
  • It is not just a bur block but an organisation solution.

    More about GO2 systems

Autoclavable Lids

  • Retail  Lids will be supplied with the BurButler kits
  • Fully autoclavable replacement lids are available  ( tested to 1000 autoclaves ).    Replacement lid- 

Set up your burs the way YOU wish.

  • Every dentist has their own preference for the burs they need.
  • Organise the layout of all the burs you may need for a specific procedure or dentist.
  • After use, the burs can be sterilised, and your colour-coded BurButler can be returned to the same dentist in the same order.


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