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Dental Sterilisation Equipment


Discover the new range of high quality dental sterilisation and storage equipment available worldwide from Steiriliu. Designed by dentists for dentists, we offer innovative solutions to problems faced by dentists, in the dental clinic.The aim of our dental sterilisation and storage product range is to make the day of a dental practitioner, nurse and assistant more efficient, more effective and more organised. Safe and sterile dental equipment creates a safer environment for the dental team and your patients.

Our selection of products not only provide a safe and effective process for sterilising your dental equipment but they allow a simple and easy to manage storage system for your dental tools. Choose from a rage of colours and sizes to keep your dental practice and clinic tool organised and sterile. Using only the best materials for our silicon products and our polymers, to offer autoclave-able and re-usable solutions. Saving time, effort and costs. For overview of our dental sterilisation equipment range please scroll down to view all products, sizes and colours.

 Foam or Sponge for the Endo system- EndoButlerOpen cell foam inserts should be placed for each new procedure. One end can be used for storage of accessory files - K-Files or Gates Gliddens as you wish   The other end of the foam can be used to insert used files to clean them duri..
€ 32.00
LaminateButler- 5 ***** Review Laminate Butler - and organising cerec or implant components in dental.Procedures that require multiple components for procedures such as implant placement or multiple veneers, crown and bridge, one of the challenges is to keep all components in the correct order an..
€ 85.00
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