Inlay Bur Procedure Kit

Everyone has their preferences for burs for different procedures and even though you might only normally use three of four burs, we consider it best practice to have all the burs you may also need available for the times you need them without having to take of your gloves and go search the stock for a bur during the procedure. This is an example of the kit we use on a BurButler  for Inlay Preps (with generic order codes for reference from your preferred manufacturer.

I personally particularly like the depth cutters! Choose your own mix of burs and your whole personalised selection can be processed for sterilisation with the burs in place in the order you wish ( any bur will fit any hole ) and colour coded for your surgery or procedure. We use different colours for different dentists in the clinic or procedure set ups.

With no moving parts or bungs or hinges, the closed lid provides cross infection control preventing aerosol contamination to help “Break the Chain" of cross infection. Base and lid can be processed and autoclaved with burs in place.