Currently, if you store your burs in their commercial packaging ( often in packets of 5 or 6 ):
         It can be difficult to see how many of which shape and grit you still have .
         It can be difficult to find the one you want.
         It can be difficult to stock control and see what you are running short of. 
Most assistants ( and many dentists ) do not “work” from the code of the bur but the shape. “Can you get me one of these please.”
Having an organisation system that is simple and efficient is a logical ambition. 
The concept of the BurButler 60 Hole “stock tray” is that you can use this as a central storage  for all the burs in the practice and access each and every bur as you need to replenish your chair side procedure sets.
It is much easier to find the shape and grit you need from this “visual storage” system of management and much easier to see how many if which bur you have in stock and thus what needs to be ordered.
We organise them by Shape and Grip in rows of 10 - broken down into collections that suit us. eg .
            A. Cylinder short and long medium grit.  
            B. Cylinder short and long fine and extra fine grit
Keep a reference of the re-order codes in the practice management / decontamination room.
The clinical procedure sets can be stocked from these with ease as worn burs need replacing without reference to the bur numbering codes
Football         Standard / Fine / Extra
Pear Standard / Fine / Extra
Needle         Standard / Fine / Extra
Latch Grip 
Cylinder short Standard / Fine / Extra
Cylinder Long Standard / Fine / Extra
Pear Standard / Fine / Extra fine
Flat End Cylinder Standard / Fine / Extra fine
Modified Bevel Cylinder       Standard / Fine / Extra fine
Round End Cylinder Standard / Fine / Extra
Round        Standard / Fine / Extra
Inverted Cone Standard / Fine / Extra
Occlusal Reduction Wheel